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Eurythmy lessons for children, young people and adults in Helsinki


ABSR - course

Activity - Based - Stress - Reduction

The ABSR (Activity-Based Stress Release) stress management program is a eight-week course that combines eurythmy exercises to the Buddha's eightfold path from which Rudolf Steiner has developed his everyday exercises. The course was developed by Dr. med. Harald Haas and eurythmist Theodor Hundhammer and has been scientifically evaluated. Many participants report deep and powerful experiences.


Deep diving into musical elements vol.1

on Wednesdays 22.3. - 17.5.2023

from 18:30 to 20:00

Lehtikuusentie 2 M, Helsinki

We explore intervals physically and artistically. The approach to working is meditative and secondary. We dive into one interval for an entire hour, listening to it, moving within it and figuring it out. Working includes listening, movement, drawing and writing. At the end of the lesson, we share the impressions we got, trying to create a figure for the interval. There are 9 meetings, during which we study the intervals from prime to octave in a secret mixed order.

Course price: 108 euros

The course is organized if 6 people participate in the course. Register for the course no later than 20 March 2023!


Instructor: Jonna Kankkonen, eurythmy teacher


Note! The grip of working can be intense for the psyche. At the end of the class, we do a body scan to help ourselves get back to our bodies. The work does not actually include eurythmy, but can create a foundation for an experiential understanding of music.

Register for the course sending email to


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