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jonna kankkonen

Jonna Kankkonen

Eurythmist & eurythmy teacher


+358400 715 449


A Bit About Me

I got to know eurythmy for the first time at the age of 27 during my general studies at Snellman University. Due to my long dance history, I was pained by eurythmy at first, but at the same time I felt that it contained something that I had been looking for in the world of dance and movement for a long time without finding it. So eurythmy bothered me in a good way and I applied to study eurythmy and graduated as a eurythmy art subject teacher.


Eurythmy is a way for me to understand the world and people. Through the understanding of eurythmy, it's great to also dive into other different movement arts and practises, and I've also done some other movement arts alongside eurythmy. All movement opens up new worlds, and with the wisdom of eurythmy you can understand them even more deeply. In my opinion, awareness is at the center and starting point of all movement. Our bodies move in a way our consciousness directs it. What kind of consciousness is leading me? I feel that with the help of eurythmy, a person is able to clean and clarify his own consciousness so that he is able to realize the things in his life that he wants to do in the name of truth.


I work as a eurythmy teacher in Elias School in Helsinki teaching children and young people. I also belong to the collegium of Vapaa Eurythmy School and teach future eurythmists there. In addition to teaching eurythmy, I am a teacher of positive pedagogy and comprehensive well-being education and a certified teacher of the ABSR stress management method (Activity-Based Stress Release).


I am very grateful to myself that I had the courage to train myself as an eurythmist. It has made all in all life interesting and meaningful. I am grateful to all the teachers who taught me, but above all to the collegium that made my career as a eurythmist possible, i.e. Riia Saari, Irmeli Salomaa and Anne-Marie Somero - thank you! I have been deeply impressed by your wisdom and love.

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