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Holy Week

Do you wish to find a new way to approach the Holy Week and deepen your knowledge about the 7 planets at the same time? This is an opportunity to connect with yourself and have a meditative journey with the happenings of the Holy Week.


This is a self study meditative journey through the Holy Week with the 7 planets. The seven planets help us to develop through time and they all have their own unique message to human. Do we wish to hear them? The Holy Week is a miniature version of the great evolutionary path that we are on. Let us deepen ourselves to it and connect with it.    

You will receive the instructions and materials to your email each day
during the journey on 23.3.2024 - 30.3.2024
The whole costs 25 euros.

Materials include:
- evolutionary order of planets
- meditation verse for each planet that has been gathered from Steiner's zodiac poems
- planets’ gestures and speech sounds
- planets’ influence on the etheric body as intervals
- the colors for planets
- eurythmy video link for each day
- art pictures depicting Jesus Christ and the happenings during the Holy Week
- “the exercise of the day” for each planet

Buy a gift for yourself or
a good friend!

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