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ABSR stress release programs offer a set of eight-week courses designed to conquer various types of nervousness. We combine the practical meditative tasks with eurythmy exercises that correspond to the levels of the eightfold path, which forms the background to the everyday exercises.

The programs were developed by Dr. med. Harald Haas and Theodor Hundhammer to support people suffering from seven types of nervousness:

  • Forgetfulness

  • Jumpiness and anxiety

  • Self-doubt and over-anxiousness

  • Restlessness and loss of control

  • Dependencies

  • Compulsions and indecision

  • Being hunted by thoughts


With their structure and holistic approach, this program helps you to find peace and to draw new strength and joy in life. It combines simple attention exercises, body training and behavioral observation.

The 8-week ABSR has a direct impact on our ability to balance. Meditative practical exercises and eurythmy helps us to build a bridge between our true self and our everyday self. When we are more and more in touch with our true selves, our nervous system can rest and we get a better grip on our lives. We are able to focus our energy on meaningful things more and more and maintain our strength in the face of storms. We get to create a good "environment" together, where it's good for all of us to live and be!

Steiner gave awareness exercises in his lecture series Overcoming Nervousness, which we can use to create inner balance and health. These exercises are combined with simple eurythmy exercises that provide a functional equivalent to mindfulness exercises and allow our bodies to help us fight stress.


In our 60-minute online meetings, we share our experiences from the previous week in small groups, we go over the theme of the coming week and it includes short eurythmy and everyday exercises. The exercises do not require a large space or special clothes or accessories. Your daily exercises takes 15 minutes and are done independently for 5 days per week.

The program is carried out in Finnish and in small group discussions there is an opportunity to group with Finnish and Swedish speakers so that everyone can express themselves in their own language.

[i]      Steiner, Rudolf. Overcoming Nervousness. Lecture from 11.1.1912. GA 143

ABSR programs

  • The basic ABSR 1 course contains everything you need to successfully cope with stress. Learn to balance yourself with 7 practical exercises and a 15 minute eurythmy exercise to reinforce the theme of the week.

  • The follow-up ABSR 2 course goes through the modules in reverse order. The everyday exercises remain the same, the eurythmy exercises are new, also containing planetary gestures, and you learn more about the theoretical background of the exercises.

  • The final course ABSR 3 goes through the seven stages of stress reduction again in the original order. The everyday exercises remain the same but are paired with life processes which deepens the practice and once again the eurythmy is new with a more artistic flavor.

Programs starting next

ABSR2- program via zoom (remote) starting 26.2.2024

Dates: On Mondays from 26.2.2024 to 29.4.2024 (no meeting on 25.3.2024)

Time: 18:00-19:00 o'clock

Price: 129 euros per person or 500 euros per organization

Teachers: Eurythmy Teachers and ABSR instructors Jonna Kankkonen and Tove Slätis



This program is suitable also for newcomers!

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