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Stress Management for Teachers

Now you can offer your school's teachers the opportunity to experience anthroposophy and eurythmy through the new ABSR (activity-based stress reduction) online course. The course includes simple eurythmy and everyday exercises that open anthroposophy experientially and give a good basic understanding of Steiner pedagogy and self-education. Teachers also meet other teachers through this process and create warm relationships all over Finland. Naturally, teachers also get the opportunity to get to know the eurythmy teachers of their own school, from whom they can ask for help and who can show the eurythmy exercises performed in the course face to face, and in this way they get to create relationships within their work community.


The program were developed by Dr. med. Harald Haas and Theodor Hundhammer to support people suffering from seven types of nervousness:

  • Forgetfulness

  • Jumpiness and anxiety

  • Self-doubt and over-anxiousness

  • Restlessness and loss of control

  • Dependencies

  • Compulsions and indecision

  • Being hunted by thoughts


With their structure and holistic approach, this program helps you to find peace and to draw new strength and joy in life. It combines simple attention exercises, body training and behavioral observation.

The 8-week ABSR has a direct impact on our ability to balance, among other things, the time we spend on work and our leisure time habits, thereby preventing burnout. We practice this and many other abilities on a practical level in the course, and they are not just talk. If you learn best by doing, this course is just for you! The course can also be offered to the entire school's college and make it a shared process for everyone, where your school's own eurythmy teacher can act as your supporter and a guide.

Steiner gave awareness exercises in his lecture series Overcoming Nervousness, which we can use to create inner balance and health. These exercises are combined with simple eurythmy exercises that provide a functional equivalent to mindfulness exercises and allow our bodies to help us fight stress. In our 60-minute online meetings, we share our experiences from the previous week in small groups, we go over the theme of the coming week and it includes short eurythmy and everyday exercises. The exercises do not require a large space or special clothes or accessories. Your own exercises are done independently for 5 days from Wednesday to Sunday for 10 minutes.

The seminar is carried out in Finnish and in small group discussions there is an opportunity to group with Finnish and Swedish speakers so that everyone can express themselves in their own language.

[i]      Steiner, Rudolf. Overcoming Nervousness. Lecture from 11.1.1912. GA 143

This seminar is part of a scientific study conducted by IKIM (Institute of Complementary and Integrated Medicine), at the University of Bern, Switzerland. The study measures the effect of eurythmy and awareness exercises on a person's overall well-being. So if you've always hoped that anthroposophy would spread to a wider audience, here's your chance to help and get your cards in!

As our thank you gift, you will receive:


1. 27.9.2023 16:15-17:15
2. 4.10.2023 16:15-17:15
3. 11.10.2023 16:15-17:15
4. 18.10.2023 16:15-17:15
5. 25.10.2023 16:15-17:15
6. 1.11.2023 16:15-17:15
7. 8.11.2023 16:15-17:15
8. 15.11.2023 16:15-17:15

9. 22.11.2023 16:15-17:15





500 euros for the whole School staff

200 euros per single participant


The course is held by certified ABSR-teachers and eurythmists


Jonna Kankkonen &

Tove Slätis

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