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Midsummer Meditation

Join the midsummer meditation journey that goes through the 5 elements. The journey takes place both externally and internally, and our guide is especially the details of Rudolf Steiner's Esoteric Lessons.

Image by Jonnelle Yankovich

This is a self study meditative journey through the Midsummer with the 5 elements: earth, water, fire, air and space. The Midsummer is the best time to dive into the elements of nature and feel into those different qualities that live outside and inside of us. During the journey we will dive deep into one element at a time for one whole day. What awareness can the elements bring to us if we concentrate to listen attentively? The Midsummer celebration is the celebration of the future of all humanity!

You will receive the instructions and materials to your email each day
during the journey on 20.6.2024 - 24.6.2024
The whole costs 25 euros.

Materials include:
- ether currents in the human body connected to the elements and how to harmonize them

- planets connected to the elements using Veda knowledge

- Rudolf Steiner's 5 basic exercises connected to the elements

- 4 principals in esoteric schooling connected to the elements

- Sound gestures connected to each element through the planets and the zodiac
- 2 meditation verses connected to each element from Steiner's zodiac poems
- Guidance for observation exercise of the element in the nature and in the body
- eurythmy video link for each day

Once the fire in the middle...

Image by Liutauras Januškas
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