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Soul's Sacred Nights

If you feel that you want to deepen your Christmas time and work on your inner self and explore what is coming towards you next year, I invite you to join me on the Soul's Sacred Nights journey.

Astrology Map_edited.jpg

We work eurythmically with the zodiacs and the planets that rule them and write a day/dream journal. We also delve into the messages of the planets that rule the zodiacs, extracted from Steiner's zodiac poems. These messages are accompanied by pictures that bring inspiration to the mood of each month. By delving into these materials, we write down our own observations and dreams, which give clues to the events of the coming year.

You will receive the instructions and materials to your e-mail each day on our journey on

25.12.2023 - 5.1.2024 or, if you wish, e.g. on whatsapp.

The whole costs 25 euros.


The materials for each day include:

- The speech sounds for zodiacs and planets

- Speech sound mantra

- Message extracted from Steiner's zodiac poems

- The colors for zodiac and planets

- The body part associated for zodiac

- A link to eurythmy video

- Art pictures that include one picture of the life of Jesus Christ

and the other picture of the monthly works depicted at Chartres Cathedral

Buy a gift for yourself or
a good friend!

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