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Activity - Based - Stress - Reduction

The ABSR (Activity - Based - Stress - Release) program is an eight-week course that combines eurythmy exercises with the Buddha's eightfold path, from which Rudolf Steiner has developed his everyday exercises. The course has been developed by Dr. med. Harald Haas in cooperation with eurythmist Theodor Hundhammer. The program has been scientifically evaluated and many participants report deep and powerful experiences.


The programs were developed by Dr. med. Harald Haas and Theodor Hundhammer to support people suffering from stress, anxiety, depression or pain that is developed over time through seven types of nervousness:

  • Forgetfulness

  • Jumpiness and anxiety

  • Self-doubt and over-anxiousness

  • Restlessness and loss of control

  • Dependencies

  • Compulsions and indecision

  • Being hunted by thoughts


With their structure and holistic approach, this program helps you to find peace and to draw new strength and joy in life. It combines simple attention exercises, body training and behavioral observation.

The structure and purpose of the ABSR programs are related to the well-known MBSR programs. Both are eight-week exercise programs that combine mindfulness exercises, body training, and behavioral observation to support people suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, or pain.

Both programs develop their content against a spiritual background: MBSR from Buddhism, Zen meditation and yoga, ABSR from the eightfold path, anthroposophical studies and eurythmy bodywork. Nevertheless, the practical design of both programs is secular and ties in with the participants' direct life experience.

The practical implementation of the programs is simple and connects directly to your life experience. A daily practice of 20 to 40 minutes is sufficient. You will soon experience significant improvements. Humor, serenity and generosity - especially towards yourself - will arise by themselves and become resources that give you self-confidence and bring joy into your life.

Don't wait long - just start.


1. 12.2.2023 10:15-11:45
2. 19.2.2023 10:15-11:45
3. 26.2.2023 10:15-11:45
4. 5.3.2023 10:15-11:45
5. 12.3.2023 10:15-11:45
6. 19.3.2023 10:15-11:45
7. 26.3.2023 10:15-11:45
8. 2.4.2023 10:15-11:45


Laajasalon VPK,

Yliskylänkaari 10,

00840 Helsinki



400 euros is divided according to the number of participants


The course is held by certified ABSR-teacher, eurythmy teacher, positive pedagogy teacher

Jonna Kankkonen


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