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The Odd One

All eurythmists have different eyes,

so they see the world differently.

I remember the first time I was fascinated by the white clouds of smoke billowing out on canvas of the blue sky from frozen pipes.

It was a dance of airy substances,

alluring and fascinating with its grace.

I began to empathize with these movements,

as if sensing them in my own body.

I was not interested in the figures that were fancifully born in a whirlwind of random becoming,

but how fantastically time stood still.

And spread and floated in the ghostly form of smoke.

Everything dissolved and reappeared,

never repeating itself in its swirling incarnations.

I remember it was cold,

but it was impossible to tear myself away from the inspired beauty

and when spring came I hung my tousled head from the bridge

and looked at the water.

I am a Eurythmist,

and I am always thinking and talking about forms,

and the river lives by them.

Forms are the vital essence of its flows

and I am jealous,


but I stick to the water:

I admire the wise chaos that permeates it

and guides every movement of the river and my hands.

It gives birth to countless forms.

Spring had awakened her

and somewhere deep inside this pulsation awakens me,

so here I am hanging over the river

and trying hopelessly to unravel the mystery of the universe.

When I think of great works of art

and when I create my own,

I think about those white clouds of smoke,

and how I inhaled the cold air,

then hung my head from the bridge in the spring

and exhaled,

frozen in front of the pure genius of flowing water.

March's blog was authored by Stanislav Tatlok (born March 11, 1984); a stage eurythmist in "MUZA" eurythmy duo (St. Petersburg) and the founder of eurythmy clothing brand "EurythmyWear".

The 2020 year's blogs will all carry a theme: "The World Through Eurythmist's Eyes". Eurythmy Channel Helsinki has asked to see the world through 12 different eurythmist's eyes and experiences. Through the blogs we can have some expression of that how practising eurythmy can transform human consiousness and the way of understanding the world and oneself.

Vuoden 2020 Blogit käsittelevät teemaa: "Maailma eurytmistin silmin". Eurythmy Channel Helsinki on pyytänyt saada nähdä maailman 12:sta eri eurytmistin näkemänä ja kokemana. Blogien avulla voimme saada jonkinlaisen ilmaisun sille, miten eurytmian harjoittaminen voi kehittää ihmisen tietoisuutta ja tapaa ymmärtää maailmaa sekä itseään.


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